Thursday, February 14, 2008

Clinton's Ass Hat

From TPM via First Read:

Political Genius Walking Among Us

A quote from Mark Penn that should go over extremely well:
"Could we possibly have a nominee who hasn't won any of the significant states -- outside of Illinois? That raises some serious questions about Sen. Obama.”
--Josh Marshall

Well, I am certainly relieved I live in a significant state. Don’t really know what to say to those millions of other people who voted in the other 20+ states Obama won. I guess you’ll need to move to one of the 10 Hillary has won, if you’d like to be significant. This according to her chief campaign ass hat Mark Penn. Lovely.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not a Clinton booster, and Mark Penn is definitely a jagoff, but I don't think you can dismiss this comment out of hand. It is very unorthodox for the "inevitable" Democratic candidate to not win any of the major population centers, or swing states: California, New York, New Jersey, Michigan*, Florida*, and it looks like he'll have a fight on his hands in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. We can assume that most of these Dem voters that went for Clinton in the primary will go for Obama in the general election, but I don't like to assume. That is what Penn is counting on, to sew doubt. I think Obama can count on CA, NY, and NJ in a runoff w/ McCain, but OH, PE, TX, and FL are possible swingers and will be very hard fought.