Monday, October 22, 2007

Could Ron Paul Surprise the World in Iowa?

As the only Republican candidate who opposes the war and advocates for withdrawal, Ron Paul the only candidate in synch with 54% or Republican Iowa Caucus-goers. There was an interesting moment in the Republican debate last night when Ron Paul quoted a poll that had "70 Some Percent" of the American People favoring withdrawal, to which the Republican Debate audience Booed. BOOED! That's the kind of Patriotic Americans we're dealing with here, the kind that will boo the facts in the hope of making it not so.

2 + 2 = 4 (BOOOOOOOOO)

These are the same good people who cheered relentlessly as Mitt Romney bravely pledged that as President, he would detain and torture TWICE as many people without any oversight, proof, or habeus corpus.

Not to dis my fellow Americans, but are these people for real?

As we inch ever closer to that fateful midwestern caucus, things seem to get more and more interesting.

On the Democratic side, polling in Iowa has Hillary, Edwards and Obama in pretty much a 3-way tie, though it's important to note that Hillary and Obama are spending millions on TV ads and Edwards has yet to run a single TV spot. Plus, all those Illinois SEIU members who endorsed Obama are barred by Union Rules from campaigning in a state that has endorsed another candidate. Iowa SEIU endorsed Edwards, so would-be Obama campaigners in neighboring Illinois are S.O.L. in Iowa.

Oh, and one more note on the Republican debate last night, every candidate was campaigning against Hillary. Is this because they fear her as the Dem nominee, or because they're taking a cue from Rove's playbook, which is to publicly fret over the difficulty of beating the candidate they know privately will be easiest to defeat? I'm wagering it's not because they fear Hillary.

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