Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Joe Biden: Biden Bill Granting Nationwide Subpoena Power to 9/11 Victims Heads to the President

All American Patriots

Apparently Joe Biden has a bill that just passed the House of Representatives: Procedural Fairness for September 11th Victims Act (H.R. 3921, S. 2106)
"which ensures that those 9/11 victims and their families who opt out of receiving compensation through the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund and bring civil suits instead, have access to all the information relevant to the case".
This is a fantastic revelation. Definitely progress for those victims, and citizens in general, who have been denied information consistently about the attacks on 9/11. My question is......Why Biden? Is he trying to whip up some exciting internet support/publicity (see Ron Paul)? Or is Biden honestly trying to help this movement, though in an indirect manner? We'll see what Bush will do with it. Do we even need to guess?

The Tim Russert Interview He Doesn't Want You To Hear

Jack Blood interviews Tim Russert back in June 2006. This is one of the most interesting and telling interviews I've ever heard. Russert seems nervous at the end of this one when the questions get to 9/11 inconsistencies. He gets into some interesting information about Bush and Kerry being in Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, and the run up to the Iraq War. But the manner in which this interview ends is priceless.

New Ron Paul Ad: "Awesome"

Edwards gets New Hampshire SEIU Endorsement

This is big news. Per the SEIU's rules, this means that 90,000 SEIU members from neighboring Massachusetts, who already endorsed Edwards, can join the 10,000 SEIU members in New Hampshire to campaign for him. And perhaps more importantly, it means that SEIU members from other neighboring states are barred from campaigning in NH for a different candidate.

Edwards has now wrapped up the coveted SEIU endorsements in Iowa and New Hampshire, but also California, Washington, Idaho, Massachusetts, Montana, Minnesota, Michigan, West Virginia, Ohio and Oregon.

Of course the reason why we're counting state endorsements instead of one National endorsement is because the SEIU members in Illinois and New York were afraid of alienating their would-be patrons Obama and Clinton. Illinois SEIU and neighboring Indiana endorsed Obama, as expected, but the big state to watch now is New York. NY's 300,000 members of SEIU 1199 were enough to stop a national endorsement, but will they actually end up endorsing Clinton, or will they endorse no one? Anything but a Clinton endorsement (including no endorsement) has to be seen a huge strike against Clinton.

It's no wonder Edwards is the natural choice for Labor. Edwards is the only candidate who has consistently fought for America's working families. He's been outspoken on NAFTA and more recently he's publicly come out against the CAFTA test balloon of the Peru trade deal.

For those inclined and able to do so, you should contribute to Edwards today to make the latest matching fund deadline.

While Clinton triangulates, and Obama talks abstractly about hope, Edwards continues to be the moral voice of this Primary, making clear that this election is about more than rhetoric.