Thursday, November 1, 2007

Boys against Girls

So Hillary's strategy after her so-so debate performance is to frame the attacks on her positions not as nothing more than 6 guys ganging up on "one strong woman." Give. Me. A. Fucking. Break.

Tim Greive has been posting on this in War Room, and his stuff is worth reading.

Choice quote:
But imagine for a moment that it was Barack Obama who stumbled in the face of criticism and pointed questions Tuesday night. Would his campaign dare to declare that it was "ultimately five whites and a Hispanic against him, and he came off as one strong black man"? And how would America be feeling about him today if it did?

Her other meme, the "What happened to the Politics of Hope" line, pisses me off too, because no one is attacking Clinton on personal terms...there's been none of the politics of personal destruction that marked Clinton 42's preseidency. Edwards and Obama (and Dodd) are calling her to task for bad policy, poor leadership, and questionable judgment. That's called 'Debate.' That's called "Politics." That's called "Democracy." It's entirely appropriate, and more than that, it's essential. But Hillary's strategy, it is clear, is to avoid being honest with the American people, and hope she can ride her 'inevitabilty' into the White House. Fuck that.

I hope she gets blown out of the water. I'd take any Democratic candidate and maybe even a Republican over Hillary. This ain't a dynasty, it's a Democracy.'


Redstatresident has a good diary on this at DKos.

Edwards Goes On the Air in Iowa

Having spent $23,000 on ad buys to the millions spent by Clinton and Obama, Edwards is still in a three-way race in Iowa. Now he's going on the air with this ad.

The music reminds me of the W.G. Snuffy Walden theme for "My So-Called Life" (which is not a bad thing). It's a good ad, but I don't think it's great. But I'm also not an Iowa Caucus goer, so clearly I'm not the target audience.

Maybe we'll see more ads, or different ads as we get closer to Caucus time.

Rumsfeld - Still An Ass

Via WaPo:

Yes, let’s “elevate the threat” and “link Iraq to Iran.” Oh and more “bumper sticker statements.” Because Americans are idiots and won’t recognize my incompetence if we do this.
Sorry, Rummy. You were wrong. Just like you were wrong on just about everything else pertaining to defense. Nice work.
Here’s a tip: when you are trying to rid the blood from your hands, use soap and cold water. Wiping them on your pants won’t work.