Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama: The "Cover Band" Candidate

Damn Barack, You just got called out bigtime with your own words. Looks like your response to the extremely valid point that all you have to offer is "just words" helped to prove that your detractors have a point on this one. In your speech the other day in Wisconsin, when responding to the "just words" accusation, you decided to lift a speech, or part of it at least, from Deval Patrick. I mean, this is so obvious it hurts.

ooh..but there's more:

Dick Cheney Plans for Retirement

American Vice President Dick Cheney test drives a custom hot air balloon.

Finally coming to terms with the fact that he is retiring in less than a year, American Vice President Dick Cheney tries to find a hobby.

"I love ballooning. I can imagine doing this in retirement. You can really take in the scenery," quacked Cheney. "Everyone looks like little ants that you could easily destroy underfoot while their little screams fade out into deadly silence," continued the Vice President, obviously aroused. "I mean, it looks like even a medium piss would wash away entire homesteads. Imagine what a finally-getting-to-the-john-after-sitting-in-a-car-on-a-long-roadtrip piss would do to them. Jesus. That would be awesome."