Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday Night's Quote to Sleep On

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch."

-Benjamin Franklin

I think the Libertarian Party needs to adopt that as their slogan.

Yes To Lead, No To Health Care

Ahh.... The corruption and the ineptitude shows no bounds. From WAPO

And Mitch McConnell and his chin continue to carry water for our dope of a president.

It’s OK to look the other way and accept gifts from an industry that allows it’s product to poison our children, but it’s not OK to provide healthcare to millions of working class children. George Bush’s God must be quite forgiving.

Greenwald and The Case of the Angry Colonel

This is some crazy shit:

Salon's Glen Greenwald has a little email tiff with Col. Steven Boylan, Gen. David Petraeus' PR mouthpiece, in response to Greenwald's notion that there is a link between right-wing political blogs and the military. Oh, man. Boylan hits the roof in what appears to be the military equivalent of a drunk-dial.

Of course, Swift's response, Steven Boylan is Not a Moron, is classic.

**** UPDATE****

Salon posted a front-page piece coalescing all the absurdity above. I'm surprised C&L and DKos haven't jumped on this yet... Anyhow, I'd read this first and then Swift's piece above, because it is a lot of text to wade through for a busy person like you...

2007 Weblog Awards : Funniest Blog

Don't forget to vote for Jon Swift for the 2007 Weblog Awards Funniest Blog.

Take a look at his highlights, look deep into your conscience, and vote conservative.

Update: President Carter back on the prowl

In addition to raping kittens, President Jimmy Carter (right, with Rosalyn, fashioning a seal club) also does some other lame stuff...

I mean, can the poor do anything for themselves?

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