Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fred Thompson Drops Out Of The Race

Looks like Snoozy Thompson is finally out of the race. Just in time too. Now he can get back to lounging around in his pj's and watching reruns of himself on tv.
At this rate we should be getting rid of Guiliani soon, leaving only four: McCain, Romney, Huckabee, and Ron Paul. Looks like the Ron Paul revolution is harder to stop than the main stream media had hoped.

Ouch! Democratic Debate Gets Nasty

Its about time if you ask me. The only problem here is this. Hillary is so obviously using a page out of the ol' Karl Rove book and Obama can't just break the whole "I'm not going to run that kind of campaign" thing. He should have been ready with a list of the ten most fucked up things that the Clintons have pulled and laid it down in one massive blow. But, of course he did no such thing. Though he did manage to get a jab in about Hillary being "a corporate lawyer on the board at Walmart", which was funny. And the only one who came out looking "good" was Edwards...and by "good" I mean not as ridiculous as Obama and Hillary. Check it out....from Raw Story: