Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Everyday is April Fool's Day During Election Season

Happy April Fools Day everyone. Hopefully this whole proposition of giving the Federal Reserve MORE power is just a prank for today......we can only hope.

On another note, Butler Shaffer over at LRC wrote an interesting little bit today about April Fools Day, called "A National Holiday?".

I believe that general elections - particularly presidential and congressional ones - should be held on April 1st: All Fools Day. What more meaningful date on which to allow Boobus Americanus to indulge himself in the illusion that his opinions really matter?

Obama's Comments on the Council on Foreign Relations and One World Government

Wow. Gee I'm convinced now. I tell you what, Barack sure does sound a bit nervous and rattled when trying to answer this excellent question about his association with the Council on Foreign Relations and the prospect of a North American Union, etc.
From Raw Story: