Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ron Paul Supporters Selling Off Their News Corp Stock

Google Finance
hat tip: Lew Rockwell
Looks like there is a bit of a "Wall Street Protest" going on today in the stock market.
There is a movement abound for those who are supporters of the Ron Paul campaign to sell off their Fox shares (NewsCorp) due most likely to the overt smearing and exclusion of the candidate from the New Hampshire forums scheduled for sunday. Some of the comments on the Google Finance page for NewsCorp are very telling as to what is happening out there, here's a few:

User # 1: I'm hearing chatter among a few very popular political forums (memberships breaking over 1000 each) and communities that due to FOX's exclusion of Ron Paul (in what they're calling blatant censorship) investers holding NWS have had it and are going to dump shares! This guy's supporters managed to throw over $10 million at the guy over two seperate days. Who knows what this group is capable of! I'm taking my money and running...

User #2: Don't worry here in New York I'm telling all of my clients to dump it.
Check out the options too. Buy as many puts as you can! Time to make money off the mistakes of News corp.

User #3: Yeah, this one is turning out quite predictably. I think it will
reach an early limit, as we run out of punishment sellers, then it will take a short-term pop up on underlying value until the boycott of the advertisers starts to kick in. Then the long-term damage to the bottom-line will start to kick-in. the 2008Q1 revenues should already start to show some damage. By Q2, if the boycott advocates keep the press on, and it continues to grow, spreading from republicans to the democrats and independents who have always hated Fox, I expect some serious value damage, on the order of 20-25%.

What the Fuck? Obama Edition

Obama advertising on Drudge? WTF? Why? What's up with Obama running to the RIGHT of every other Dem Candidate? What's up with him parroting Right-wing talking points about Social Security? What's up with slamming Gore and Kerry? What's up with him dissing Paul Krugman and defending demonstrably insufficient healthcare plan?

And what's up with that meeting with Bloomberg?

Here's The Swan's Prediction: If Obama gets the Democratic Nomination, he's going to take his whole Centrist message to the max and pick Bloomberg (and his billion dollar coffers) for his VP candidate. If Obama can't seal the deal with the Dems, Bloomberg will run Indie and pick Obama for VP. You heard it here first folks.

I had hope for Obama. I really did, but more and more I can't fathom what the fuck he's thinking. If he's progressive in any way, he sure doesn't show it. If he's as enamored of the status quo as he seems to be, then he certainly doesn't deserve a single Democratic vote. I've had my frustrations with Obama in the past, but at this point I'm actively worried about what an Obama presidencey would look like. Since the '94 Contract with America, and especially since the Supremes appointed Bush President in 2000, the 'center' in this country ahs been pushed ridiculously to the right. At this point, being a centrist is tantamount to being a 1992 era Republican, and that era's republican was Bush Sr.

No sir. John Edwards ALL THE WAY.

As TekBoss says in his diary:

Voting for John Edwards does not bring hope for victory. Voting for John Edwards IS the victory.


The Blogs are throbbing with frustration over Obama. 4 of 5 Reccomneded Diaries on MyDD right now all deal with Obama's tack to the right:

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And all of these diaries link to lots of other posts and articles that paint an increasingly worrisome picture of the junior Senator from Illinois.

The Final Countdown

At least you can count on one good thing happening in your future.

Russert Predicts Paul Could Beat Giuliani in Iowa

Raw Story

Republican presidential contender Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) could be poised to beat Rudy Giuliani -- once perceived as a frontrunner for the GOP nomination -- in Thursday's Iowa caucus voting, according to NBC's Tim Russert.

Appearing on MSNBC's Morning Joe program for a discussion about the latest Iowa polling numbers, Russert said Paul could realistically score a fourth place showing in the state.

"Having gone around and watching this thing," said Russert, "to say for example Huckabee wins, Romney is two. McCain comes in third. Thompson is out -- he has already said if he's not two, he's out. I think Ron Paul has a chance of coming in fourth here. I really do."

Assuming former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN) took fifth, Russert added that it appeared likely Giuliani could slip to a lowly sixth place finish.

Conservative pundit and two-time Republican presidential aspirant Pat Buchanan said he believed the former New York mayor was now facing an uphill fight for his party's nomination.

"I think Rudy is toast...I mean, you can't go 0-4, 0-5, and come back and win Florida," said Buchanan of the possibility that Giuliani could fair poorly in the opening contests of the primary season.

Giuliani has not campaigned heavily in Iowa, choosing instead to adopt a national strategy focused on other states, such as Florida, that vote later in the primary process. More than twenty states, including New York and California go to the polls on February 5.

"When you get to Florida and the February 5th states," Giuliani told Fox News, "we're ahead in some cases by large percentages and in some case by closer percentages. We believe it's a good strategy and it's going to work."

The latest poll from Iowa's Des Moines Register tallies Giuliani's support in the state at five percent. Paul and Thompson each notch nine percent.

This video is from MSNBC's Morning Joe, broadcast on January 2, 2008.

Michael Moore endorses John Edwards!

In this rather long-winded, but concise open letter, Moore lays it all out there and comes to some interesting conclusions about why he won't back "The Love of His Life" Hillary Clinton, or our country's newest political superstar, Barack Obama. He then explains why John Edwards is the best candidate to lead the Progressive Left, and finally the United States of America.

Who Do We Vote For This Time Around? A Letter from Michael Moore