Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What the Fuck? Obama Edition

Obama advertising on Drudge? WTF? Why? What's up with Obama running to the RIGHT of every other Dem Candidate? What's up with him parroting Right-wing talking points about Social Security? What's up with slamming Gore and Kerry? What's up with him dissing Paul Krugman and defending demonstrably insufficient healthcare plan?

And what's up with that meeting with Bloomberg?

Here's The Swan's Prediction: If Obama gets the Democratic Nomination, he's going to take his whole Centrist message to the max and pick Bloomberg (and his billion dollar coffers) for his VP candidate. If Obama can't seal the deal with the Dems, Bloomberg will run Indie and pick Obama for VP. You heard it here first folks.

I had hope for Obama. I really did, but more and more I can't fathom what the fuck he's thinking. If he's progressive in any way, he sure doesn't show it. If he's as enamored of the status quo as he seems to be, then he certainly doesn't deserve a single Democratic vote. I've had my frustrations with Obama in the past, but at this point I'm actively worried about what an Obama presidencey would look like. Since the '94 Contract with America, and especially since the Supremes appointed Bush President in 2000, the 'center' in this country ahs been pushed ridiculously to the right. At this point, being a centrist is tantamount to being a 1992 era Republican, and that era's republican was Bush Sr.

No sir. John Edwards ALL THE WAY.

As TekBoss says in his diary:

Voting for John Edwards does not bring hope for victory. Voting for John Edwards IS the victory.


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Anonymous said...

Which memorable Democratic Presidency will Obama use to justify that America choose him? The Clinton Presidency allowed Obama to exist! Obama is a closet republican just like Oprah!