Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Former Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee Calls Bush Worst President in History


Former Republican Senator from Rhone Island, Lincoln Chafee, recently made some interesting comments on his opinion of President George W. Bush.

Former Republican Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee on Tuesday evening called George W. Bush the worst president in U.S. history and the occupation of Iraq the worst foreign tragedy in U.S. history. Chafee said Bush deserved to be impeached.

You should be able to listen to the audio on this site very soon.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mike Gravel's Soldier Boy

To quote the Dead Milkmen, "Fucked Up World! We're all living in a fucked up world."

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ron Paul Number 1 on Amazon

Ron Paul’s loyal supporters helped him set campaign fundraising records and capture more delegates during his presidential run than some of his high-profile Republican rivals. They even managed to briefly shut down Nevada’s GOP convention earlier this month over a rules change controversy.

Now they’ve taken his latest book to the top of the bestseller list.

“The Revolution: A Manifesto”, released earlier this month, is currently No. 1 on the Web site’s list of top sellers, besting even Oprah’s latest Book Club selection.

“Despite a media blackout, this septuagenarian physician-turned-congressman sparked a movement that has attracted a legion of young, dedicated, enthusiastic supporters . . . a phenomenon that has amazed veteran political observers and made more than one political rival envious,” boasts the book’s product description, adding: “Candidates across America are already running as ‘Ron Paul Republicans.’”

Here is an interesting quote about the above mentioned GOP walkout at the Nevada GOP State Convention from the Reno Gazette Journal:

Paul spokesman Jeff Greenspan said the walkout was a first in his 21-year career in politics.

"I've seen factions walk out, I've never seen a party walk out," he said. "I've never even heard of that."