Thursday, November 29, 2007

Doug Stanhope on Freedom

doug stanhope

Unfortunately, Doug is not running for president anymore, but his wisdom is always useful.....and fucking hilarious.

John McCain Gets Owned by Ron Paul at the CNN/YouTube Debate

Big John McCain, who's campaign is spiraling into the abyss of nothingness, has decided to go ahead and attempt to attack the man who has taken over as the new "maverick", Ron Paul.
Unfortunately for McCain, he looked like an idiot in his attempt to challenge Congressman Paul.
I believe the initial question asked to McCain was about the IRS or the income tax. However this didn't stop McCain from launching into a diatribe about how Paul's policies are "isolationist" and inferred that "That kind of isolationism caused World War II". I love how McCain used that line about how he had Thanksgiving dinner with the troops and according to him they said that they wanted our leaders to "let them win". Give me a fucking break McCain, how long were you waiting to use your totally canned "thanksgiving with the troops" line. I bet he's confused. It was probably one of his Blackwater guards that told him that. Anyway, one of the best parts of this exchange was the mannerism of Congressman Paul while McCain was experiencing his diarrhea of the mouth. While McCain kept lying and distorting, Paul just looked and him with a smile and shook his head as if to say, "Jesus John, even you don't believe what you're saying". Classic. Gotta love those boos from the insane. Here's the clip:

John Edwards Wins the Republican YouTube Debate


Henry Hyde

Henry Hyde, the Illinois Congressman who, as Chair of the House Judiciary Committee during the Clinton Impeachment, sat in Judgment over Clinton's Oval Office BJ, has died.

A spokesman said, "Representative Hyde's death was nothing more than an aged indiscretion and should not be seen as an endorsement of death or dying. As we know from the Hyde Amendment, Rep. Hyde valued life greatly, and were he alive today he would be vigorously opposed to death and would surely work tirelessly to legislate against it."

Trent Lott again

So Trent Lott retired ostensibly so he could get in to the lucrative lobbying angle of Washington. Or was it to spend more time with his family? You know, family like Richard F. Scruggs, his brother-in-law, who was just indicted for trying to bribe a judge.

Seems Bro-in-law Scruggs has negotiated over $100 Million in Katrina insurance settlements this year, and represented Lott in his suit against State Farm. Do you think any bribes went into Lott's settlement? If THAT shit was about to hit the fan, I'd probably retire, too...and maybe go live in an alternate universe and thank God for President Thurmond.