Thursday, January 31, 2008

In case you were wondering, we're fucked.

I mean, just in case. Most of you can go hang out with Congress and enjoy your freedom to watch American Gladiators and Girls Gone Wild. Go ahead. Pat yourself on the back a couple times for being smart enough to be born free. Hoist that flag, shine up that God Bless America bumper sticker, you stupid sack of shit. It's only the fucking Constitution of the United States being pissed on right before your eyes. Oh, YES! Is that Hulk Hogan? Fuckin-a!

Crinch Pin's Late Night Music Club With Jeremy Enigk

I still can't listen to those SDRE records without being transported back in time to when things seemed much more complicated, but were really a lot more simple. I couldn't find any really good SDRE clips on YouTube that you haven't already seen a million times, so this stripped down version of Jeremy Enigk's River to Sea will suffice.

Jesus. That fucking voice.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Disgusting CNN Republican Debates in California

Okay. So you might remember my recent post titled "The Disgusting MSNBC Republican Debates". Well, tonight was CNN's turn to look like a completely fucking biased network. They held their Republican debates tonight at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley. Anyways, as you would expect Ron Paul sat there most of the time while McMurder and Shit Romney battled about who was more insane. This thing was almost unbearable to watch. At one point, Ron Paul finally got to answer a question, and about 2 sentences in, Paul was cut off rather forcefully by Anderson "I'm just Ex-CIA that's cool right" Cooper. Cooper than assured Paul that he would get a chance to answer those topics in about "2 minutes". Guess what, I watched the rest of the thing and hmmm, Cooper never got back to that one. Nice try CNN. This was so blatantly obvious that you were 1) Blacking out Ron Paul and 2) Trying to re-create the ratings sensation that was the Clinton/Obama feud that we couldn't stop seeing in the media just a week or so ago. So fucking transparent.
Here's a little sunshine on an otherwise depressing and war mongering Dictator festival that was these debates: This is Ron Paul immediately after the long winded "he said/she said" that Mitt and McCain took 10 minutes to debate.

Edwards's Speech

Edwards To Exit Presidential Race

Raw Story

So, it seems that after a lackluster showing in the first few primary contests behind Clinton and Obama, John Edwards will be dropping out of the race. It looks like he's waiting until he gets down to New Orleans to make his announcement. A move which would seem appropriate given that this was the city where he started it all by announcing his campaign for President again.
Edwards will definitely not be out of the picture in this Democratic primary race, though. He has the unique opportunity to play "kingmaker" by endorsing one of the two remaining candidates

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rudy Thanks Ron Paul

In his concession speech, Rudy tries some snide humor, which really just belies his total bankruptcy of ideas...

"Thanks to Ron Paul too, he won every debate!"

As a matter of fact, Rudy, Ron Paul DID win every debate. Not only that, he beat you in Iowa, New Hampshire and bunch of other places, too. Oh, and he's still in the race, competing for delegates to bring to the convention. How many delegates will Rudy bring? ZERO.

I only wish Rudy's flame out was more embarrassing and pathetic than it was. What a total fucking waste of skin.

CNN Calls Florida for McCain, and Clinton Celebrates Zero Delegates

It looks as though McMaverick has pulled one out in Florida. Terrific! The fact that his campaign is still underfunded and in debt, not to mention the fact that a big chucnk of conservative America doesn't trust him, means that we're likely to see a lot of folks close ranks around Romney's well-funded campaign on Super more step towards a brokered convention.

Also, it looks as though 9iu11ani is angling for the job of Attorney General in a McCain administrations, because word on the street is he;ll be dropping out by wednesday and endorsing McMaverick. Seeing as a McMaverick / Giuliani ticket would be the kiss of death for a republican party built on a fracturing base of values voters and movement conservatives, I can't imagine McMav would be dumb enough to pick 9iu11ani as VP, and that leaves AG.

Heckuva campaign, Rudy! Heckuva campaign.

Also, it looks as though Hillary Clinton is celebrating her win in Florida....a win that nets her exactly zero (0) delegates, which is also, coincidentally, the number of Florida delegates won by Barack Obama and John Edwards.

Arlo Guthrie Endorses Ron Paul

Austin American Statesman

Arlo Guthrie, the well known folk musician and son of American folk music icon Woody Guthrie, has apparently endorsed Congressman Ron Paul for president.

“I love this guy.”

“Dr. Paul is the only candidate I know of who would have signed the Constitution of the United States had he been there.”

“I’m with him because he seems to be the only candidate who actually believes it has as much relevance today as it did a couple of hundred years ago.” -Arlo Guthrie

Pat Buchanan: McCain Win Would Mean War With Iran

From Raw Story

Pat Buchanan, appearing the other day on Morning Joe, discussed the probability of war with Iran if McCain were to become the next President.

Clinton, Paul Winners Of Middletown Poll

Hartford Courant
Tuesday January 29, 2008

MIDDLETOWN - The results of the city's presidential straw poll, held Saturday night, are in -- and Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul were the big winners.

The straw poll, a private event that cost $10 a ticket, benefited the Connecticut Breast Cancer Coalition. It was held at The Church of the Holy Trinity on Main Street.

The results are: First ballot: Ron Paul, 42 percent; Hillary Clinton, 30 percent; Barack Obama, 20 percent; John McCain, 2 percent; and Mitt Romney, 2 percent.

Second ballot: Paul, 42 percent; Clinton, 32 percent; and Obama, 22 percent.

Third ballot: Paul, 46 percent; Clinton, 42 percent.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Slick Willy Clinton Gets Flustered By Another 9/11 Heckler

Keep at it boys and girls. It looks like Bill can't just keep his mouth shut and ignore the "truth movement" like the rest of the establishment media. He just has to make a comment and look like an idiot while making it. Thanks, Bill. Thank you very much for helping our cause. Keep responding to the hecklers, it makes you look nervous...which I'm sure you are.

I think he doth protest to much.....oh and by the way, good job Denver!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Disgusting MSNBC Republican Debates

This was actually painful to watch. The whole debate was so obviously biased towards Romney, McCain, to to an extent Rudy. It took these fuckups 20 minutes until they asked Ron Paul a question, and there's only five candidates. Look at the breakdown below of how much time each candidate got to speak according to NBC's Laura Appelbaum:

Total Times
Romney: 21:11, during 13 times
McCain: 16:00, during 13 times
Giuliani: 13:50, during 11 times
Huckabee: 12:11, during nine times
Paul: 6:31, during six times

There's obviously a media blackout on Ron Paul, not that it really surprises me. But hopefully people can see through all the bullshit that the MSM has blinded us with and at least try to hear what he's trying to say.

Up yours, America!

GASP! Bush Co. are a bunch of liars? I wish I would have known sooner...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rudy Giuliani: Total Asshole

We all know Rudy Giuliani is an asshole. Even people who like him say he's an asshole. And this isn't to say that an asshole can't be elected president. But, when you're basically called out for being an asshole on the front page of your hometown newspaper? I mean, come on! You're a total asshole.

Greenwald busts a cap in Congress

Glenn Greenwald of totally destroys our Democrat controlled Congress.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fred Thompson Drops Out Of The Race

Looks like Snoozy Thompson is finally out of the race. Just in time too. Now he can get back to lounging around in his pj's and watching reruns of himself on tv.
At this rate we should be getting rid of Guiliani soon, leaving only four: McCain, Romney, Huckabee, and Ron Paul. Looks like the Ron Paul revolution is harder to stop than the main stream media had hoped.

Ouch! Democratic Debate Gets Nasty

Its about time if you ask me. The only problem here is this. Hillary is so obviously using a page out of the ol' Karl Rove book and Obama can't just break the whole "I'm not going to run that kind of campaign" thing. He should have been ready with a list of the ten most fucked up things that the Clintons have pulled and laid it down in one massive blow. But, of course he did no such thing. Though he did manage to get a jab in about Hillary being "a corporate lawyer on the board at Walmart", which was funny. And the only one who came out looking "good" was Edwards...and by "good" I mean not as ridiculous as Obama and Hillary. Check it out....from Raw Story:

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Headless Smear

Glenn Greenwald and The Headless McCain Smear...

Surge to Nowhere: WP's Andrew J. Bacevich

The Washington Post's Andrew J. Bacevich tells us to "Look beyond the spin, the wishful thinking, the intellectual bullying and the myth-making..." of the surge's portrayal in the media. Not that it should surprise you, but this real reporter's analysis will chill your victory party: Surge to Nowhere.

Tip of the Hat: Only Sayin'

If you want to escape the feverish pace of the election horse race and take a little time to sit and read some funny, thoughtful, and well-written commentary on our American Culture, look no further than Only Sayin'. Our Cowardice-Based Foreign Policy is an essay tackling just that in which Powder Monkey begins to sketch some intriguing ideas about American Imperialism. Also, Republicans Are Chickens is an open letter to Senator Obama begging him to cut to the chase. Finally, digging into the archives, I know George Bush shows us that we ALL know George Bush, and we hate that sonofabitch.

I'm still making my way through the archives when I have the time and brainpower, but it's definitely worth your time to check some of these pieces out.

Thanks to everyone at Only Sayin' for doing your thing.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Remembering A Great American Patriot: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I hope we can all take a little bit of time and remember the greatness of this man. King's words need to be heard more today than ever. Here he is on war and the arrogance of American Imperialism.

If you have 23 minutes to listen to a clip then I highly suggest listening to this speech by Dr. Martin Luther King. He is giving a speech on the war in vietnam. This speech rings so true today that it is almost eerie. This man was a true prophet.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nevada Caucus Votes Are In: Clinton, Romney Win and Ron Paul Takes Second Place

CNN has the results.

Shhhh, the mainstream media is trying to be quiet about Ron Paul's second place finish.
Wouldn't want anyone to know about that would we?

Also, Edwards pulls in a horrible 4%.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Crinch Pin's Late Night Music Club with Voivod

I started listening to this Montreal band when I was about 13. And man, these guys stand the test of time. This is the old school Voivod, not the new "Jason Newsted from Metallica" version.
Voivod covers Pink Floyd's Astronomy Domine in this one.
Check it out...and remember, this is from 1989.

Mainstream Media Acknowledges The National ID Card

Papers Please!

MSNBC Hack David Shuster Calls Ron Paul "The Al Qaeda Wing of the Republican Party"

David Shuster, appearing on Morning Joe on MSNBC, decided to continue on with Chris Matthews insane diatribe from his visit to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Matthews was comparing different GOP presidential candidates to rivaling tribal factions in Iraq. He said that Huckabee and Thompson are like "the fanatics, the Shia wing", while Rudy Giuliani and John McCain are "the more moderate Sunnis", with Romney as "the Kurd". Ridiculous on its own already, especially the "moderate" McCain and (huge laugh) Rudy Guiliani part, Shuster decides to go one better. He blurts out, "I think it's a great analogy, I mean Ron Paul is the Al Qaeda wing of the Republican party". This smug asshole just grins while saying this and you can see a very uneasy Joe Scarborough immediately after the comment. Check it out.

If this kind of shit pisses you off as much as me, regardless of which candidate it is, then email MSNBC. I did. Here's what I sent em'.

I am completely sickened by the comments of David Shuster on your show about Ron Paul being the "Al Qaeda wing of the Republican Party". This is beyond low and completely uncalled for. This is the kind of crap that gets people canceled. You not only need to apologize to Ron Paul but to all of America for cheapening the politics even more than some of these horrible candidates already do by themselves. This is why people are leaving television "news" for the internet. I liked a lot of what you had to say, Joe, but now just can't even stomach to watch even a clip of your show on You Tube. Sad, really.

Ron Paul is a class act,and that's pretty obvious. Its funny how he chose to compare the peace candidate to a terrorist organization. I guess "War IS Peace", "Freedom IS Slavery", "up IS down" and "Black IS White". Matthews, by the way, sounds like he needs a vacation. He's completely lost it. First, the whole "Life is a campaign" thing, and now this? Whether you like Paul's positions or not, he does not deserve this kind of treatment.

...and you guys know it.

If there's any of the "good" Joe Scarborough left in you, then I'd hope you'd get mad about this too and do something about it. I know I'd be ticked off is somebody tried to soil my show and my name with this kind of obvious transparent hackery.

(fade in thrash metal riff)

Bobby Fischer: 1943 - 2008 - RIP

Bobby Fischer was a divisive figure in American culture. With an IQ believed to be above 185, he was considered a "high genius", and there is little doubt that his superior intelligence was both his greatest asset and his mortal enemy.

Fischer was known first as the greatest American chess player, becoming the youngest player ever to achieve the status of International Grandmaster at age 15. Renown for showing his opponents no quarter, he would literally crush them on the chess board with his devastating style and utterly original strategies. He eventually ascended to World Champion after several hard fought defeats, yet Fischer's national fame came during the height of the Cold War while defending his crown against the Soviet champion Borris Spassky in 1972. The press and the public saw this chess match as a proxy for the international political issues of the time, and Fischer's decisive victory rocketed him and the game of chess to stardom in the US.

In 1975, Fischer refused to defend his championship against Anatoly Karpov because they could not agree on the logistics of the match, about which Fischer had many bizarre requests. He lost his crown by default, and basically disappeared from competitive chess for the next 20 years.
He would only emerge to make incongruous and racist public remarks, and in 1992, to play a rematch against Spassky in the former Yugoslavia. The US Department of Treasury warned Fischer his participation in the event (namely the collection of the winnings) would put him in contention with a UN Embargo against sporting events in that country. Fischer won the match, and then promptly disappeared again to avoid prosecution. Since then he accepted political asylum in Iceland, renouncing his US citizenship.

Throughout his life, people close to Fischer witnessed a man slowly devouring himself. His public life and behavior became more and more bizarre culminating in a lashing out at Jews and comments that America "got what they deserved" after 9/11. His anger, paranoia, and vitriol for his fans, opponents, and his country never ceased. I hope in death, he finally finds peace. RIP.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ron Paul Beats 9iu11ani AGAIN!!!

Yup. Beat him like a 9/11 widow. 6% to 3%.

Jesus. I can't believe 9iu11ani is still considered a 'major' candidate.

Nevertheless, I dearly hope he wins Florida. Nothing would make me happier than to see the Republican race be more convoluted. Iowa? Huckabee. New Hampshire? McCain. Michigan? Romney. South Carolina? I'm hoping Thompson. Florida? I'm hoping 9iu11ani. Seriously. How weakened are each of these fucks by the fracturing of the party. Nobody can claim shit. Nobody wants any of them. Not even their own fucking party.

Go RON! Keep racking up those 4th place finishes, and then release the hounds at the convention....

I love it!

November Prediction

Before things get too settled, I want to go out on a limb and pull a prediction from my well-lubed asshole.

Behold the Candidates for the 2008 General Election

Hillary Clinton / Wes Clark


John McCain / Joe Lieberman


Michael Bloomberg / Barack Obama

And I suppose there's the outside chance that we'll have Ron Paul running as well, but I don't know who he might pick for VP.

I'm now re-inserting this fist sized crystal ball back into my ass.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

31 Votes


The Republicans Will Always Have Hillary

I hate to be a Dowd-ing Thomas, but a Hillary Clinton nomination may be the only thing that could sweep the GOP into the White House for another term in November. Hey, don't look at me! Even Republicans say so...

Vermin Supreme

Hah! Check out the Republican Ballot from New Hampshire. I wonder how many votes Vermin Supreme received?

Oh man! He's AWESOME.

New Hampshire District Admits Ron Paul Votes Not Counted

Here we fucking go again!

From Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet:

The head clerk of the New Hampshire town of Sutton has been forced to admit that Ron Paul received 31 votes yet when the final amount was transferred to a summary sheet and sent out to the media, the total was listed as zero. The fiasco throws the entire primary into doubt and could lead to a re-count.

As we reported earlier today, an entire family voted for Ron Paul in Sutton, yet when the voting map on the Politico website was posted, the total votes for Ron Paul were zero.

Vote fraud expert Bev Harris contacted the head clerk in Sutton, Jennifer Call, who was forced to admit that the 31 votes Ron Paul received were completely omitted from the final report sheet, claiming "human error" was responsible for the mistake.

Two or three votes not counted could be a plausible mistake - but 31 votes for one candidate?

I'm sure this is going to make other voter district workers come forward with similar debacles. We'll just have to wait and see. Really makes you wonder even more about that Clinton victory too.

New Hampshire Primary

In response to The Arm's latest post, I just wanted to throw out a few reasons why New Hampshire turned out the way it did, and I don't think it's because it was rigged.

1) Clinton's own internal polling showed her 11 points behind and she was prepared for a defeat. They even cancelled the big hall they'd reserved for election night and moved the event to a smaller venue.

2) NH is an open primary and you needn't be a democrat to vote in the democratic primary, nor need you be a replublican to vote in the republican primary. So the following theories apply:

--If Obama and McCain were competing for the independant vote and the polls showed Obama with a double-digit lead, the Indies decided Obama didn't need their support and chose instead to support McCain and defeat Romeny and Huckabeee.


--Republicans were so disenchanted with their candidates they realized that the only way they can win in November is if the Democratic candidate is the polarizing and widely reviled Hillary Clinton. They chose to vote FOR Clinton instead of tussling in a futile republican primmary (as I've written before: We're going to have a brokered Republican one will win the nomination outright).

3) And then there's the possibility of the "Bradley Effect". Basically this theory posits that people when polled will say they'll vote for an African American, but when the time comes to vote, and no one is watching or judging them (as in a caucus), they can't bring themselves to vote for a black man.

4) Clinton's moment choking up was the first time she came across as human. I have to admit, when I saw that video, I found I had sympathy for the woman, something I didn't think was possible. If it could have that effect on me, just imagine the kind of effect it had on people who don't have a vast storehouse of negative feelings about Hillary.

Finally, Ron Paul's finish was almost exactly where he finished in Iowa. I expect he's got aroun 8-10% support in the country. Very vocal and well-financed support, yes, but not a majority, and not a ceiling he's likely to crack. 9iu11ani's improved numbers might have more to do with Paul being excluded form the Fox debates, and not a neo-con conspiracy with diebold. Ron Paul still has a big roll to play in this election, because at a brokered convention, if he's got 8-10% of the delegates, he'll be in a position to make some serious demands.

The Fake New Hampshire Primary?

Either the pollsters and the main stream media were grossly miscalculating the results of the New Hampshire primary because the people they polled lied to them over and over (but only on the Democrats side) or something is really fucking fishy with the votes in New Hampshire. I mean how could the pollsters be that wrong. I understand the attraction to the idea that the "media was wrong". Believe me, I think I fell for that trap at first. I agreed with all the douchebags on MSNBC last night saying in perfect unison, as if the script was handed down from the penthouse suite, that "we were wrong" or the "pollsters got it completely wrong".


That's it? That's the only hypothesis? I mean across the board from Chris Matthews to Brian Williams to Tim Russert to Keith Olbermann, it was the same thing,"We were wrong". Well what about asking if there was any fraud or vote tampering. Fuck, its not like we've had any experience dealing with that in this country. The results just look a little too perfect for the establishment. Hillary going from a poor third place showing behind Obama and Edwards to a major victory in Hew Hampshire? The Clinton campaign couldn't have gotten a better gift. Everyone was saying they were toast if she lost, so she HAD to win. John Edwards with only 17%? Hmmmm.

And on the other side you got Ron Paul neck in neck with Rudy "9/11" Giuliani at 9%. The one thing the anointed neo-con candidate could not have happen to him in New Hampshire is another loss to Ron Paul. Looks like that didn't happen for him....but barely. He was only above Paul by 1%. Hmmmmmm. All I'm saying here is maybe we should ask what a lot of people are probably thinking today.....was this primary fixed?

Looks like Brad Blog is thinking the same thing...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Star Wars Guide To The Candidates

Trust me. This is worth checking out.
Courtesy of Craigslist SF

Iranian Provocation and the Delusion of Captain's Quarters

I usually consider pieces by Captain's Quarters' Ed Morrissey to be misled, but reasonable. I do not fault him for his point of view, I simply disagree with him. Dialogue and debate make America great. (Kind of catchy, eh?) Today I read Morrissey with much different eyes. I never figured him for a reactionary war monger. Read your history, Ed and the Gulf of Tonkin will ring a bell.

In his analysis of the "provocation" this weekend of an American battle ship by five small craft, allegedly belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Morrissey has jumped the good ship Rationality. Here is the blurb from the Telegraph cited in the CQ story "How Close Were We To War?":

A Pentagon spokesman revealed that five Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy boats harrassed (sic) and provoked three US ships in the narrow waterway at the mouth of the Persian Gulf at the weekend.

The Iranian craft came within 200 yards of the US vessels, which were sailing in international waters.

The Iranian provocations included disregarding warnings to pull back, dropping mysterious objects in the path of the US ships and a hostile radio transmission.

The Pentagon said a radio message warned: "I am coming at you. You will explode in a couple of minutes."

Morrissey claims that this action by the alleged "Revolutionary Guard" vessels
"cannot be allowed to happen again. The next time patrol boats approach American vessels and threaten attack, one of them has to head to the bottom of the gulf. If the Iranians want a test, we can provide them with one for emergency evac."
Also, without any evidence, he claims
"Undoubtedly, Iran wanted to test American resolve, but could not isolate a small enough vessel to pursue a similar mission. Instead, they basically did a probe to see how far they could go before provoking an armed response. This information could prove useful for Iran's terrorist partners in Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad in the Gulf and elsewhere."
Luckily, Morrissey was not the captain of the American vessel because the crisis was averted. However, the crisis of his vicarious hawkishness will live on in this post.

My questions to Morrissey are these:

If the objects dropped into the sea were "unidentified" what real rationale does a battleship have for firing on a smaller vessel?

If these vessels were in fact the Revolutionary Guard, wouldn't it seem that their intent, based on their actions, was to be fired upon?

It has been reported that the the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is a crack team of highly trained soldiers working at the pleasure of the leader of Iran. Does "I am coming at you. You will explode in a couple of minutes" sound like something a highly skilled warrior would say to warn his enemy?

Does saying things like "one of them has to head to the bottom of the gulf" and "if the Iranians want a test, we can provide them with one for emergency evac" make you feel like a tough-guy? Do you think the idea of warfare is cool?Do you wish you were there "smoking them out of their holes?" I don't HAVE to ask because I know the answer, but have you always been a civilian?

I hate to pan Captain Ed like this. I really do believe he is a reasonable voice resonating through the cacophonous throng that is the conservative noise machine. I am just so let down to see the 8 year-old playing G.I. Joe beneath it all. In reality, those soldiers don't always parachute to safety when their planes are shot down. And Cobra Khan doesn't always retreat in the end. See? I played G.I. Joe too. But I got over it.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa's Independents Went For Obama and Paul

So it looks like the independent voters in Iowa picked Obama on the Democrat side and Ron Paul on the Republican side.
This is pretty big news for Ron Paul. Seeing as how New Hampshire is loaded with Independents, this can only be seen as a good sign for his prospects in the primary state. Its pretty telling what the Republican party has become in the eyes of most Americans when alot of conservative leaning independents are either switching over to the Democratic party to vote for Obama or going with the insurgent campaign of Ron Paul. Either way it looks like the GOP needs a long hard look in the mirror. Andrew Sullivan sums this up well in this blurb in The Atlantic:
They went for Obama and ... Ron Paul respectively. Among independents, Clinton came a poor third: 17 percent to Obama's 41. And McCain lost out to Paul: 23 percent to 29. The men with the most support among independents - the people you need to win a general election - are the most despised by the Republican base. In they end, the Republicans poisoned themselves. Maybe they'll begin to recognize how far they've fallen.

Iowa Caucus Results Explained by Jon Swift

Just in case you were wondering what the fuck happened last night, Jon Swift will explain it to you as only he can.

Post Iowa Anal (ysis)


Despite the numerous traditional media reports of a "come from behind win" for Obama, I was not surprised. I was surprised by the margin of his victory, but the conventional wisdom had long been that the higher the turnout and the more new caucus goers there were, the better Obama would do. At 212,000 caucus goers (roughly twice the Dem turnout in 2004), 56% of whom were new to the process, it's clear that Obama's ground game to mobilize young voters and to woo independants worked.

What's more, Obama is poised to to tremendously well going into New Hampshire, where independent voters are a much larger presence. After that, it's not hard to imagine that black voters in South Carolina who had been supporting Clinton will change their tune. With the compressed primary schedule, Iowa momentum for a candidate like Obama puts him at a huge advantage. Without a doubt, Hillary Clinton was the big loser in Iowa.

What of Edwards? His 2nd place finish was a fraction of a percentage point ahead of Clinton (ABC refused to call it for Edwards even with 100% precincts reporting..."it's just too close"...I attribute that less to the debacle of calling Florida for Gore in 2000 than to Network incredulity that the establishment candidate had finished third). His speech last night, and his talking points in the post caucus media are correctly (in my view) framing the 1,2,3 Obama, Edwards, Clinton, finish in Iowa as a repudiation of the status quo, and suggesting that from this point on it's a 2 man race (not so sure about that).

I do think, however, that as we move into more Democratic primaries (not Indie strongholds like NH) I think voters are more likely to have second thoughts about Clinton because of Obama's win, but they will also be asking questions about Obama's progressive bona fides and (yes, that dreaded word) electability. Edwards will be the beneficiary of Dem doubts, and I think he should not only continue pushing his populist message (which has clearly resonated, despite traditional media reporting), but also remind voters of how well he does in head to head match-ups with the republican field. On the electability question, Edwards has a valid claim to the top spot. If Nevada ends up meaning anything in this cycle, it may be the place where Edwards makes his stand, with labor at his back.

Doomsday scenario: We have a '68 flashback, and a wingnut freak terrified of a black President named assassinates Obama, then everything changes in odd ways. Clinton would pick up here "experience in troubled times" message, but as a woman, would herself have to be seen as a target. Edwards, as the heir of RFK's populist candidacy, and the other "Change" candidate in the race, would be in a position to lead the Dems from tragedy to victory. Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way predicting this scenario, and certainly I'm not hoping for it, but ever since Obama entered the race, I've had the dark thought of his being assassinated by a racist wingnut at the back of my mind, and when he got Secret Service protection early in the race, my fears were only confirmed....clearly he's getting threats. It's a tremendous thing that whitebread Iowa gave Obama the win, but we're still a country with a troubling number of extremist fuck-ups.

Hillary: Did she really stand at the lectern with a sign that said "Ready For Change, Ready to Lead" and talk about making this an election of "change" while flanking herself with the 42nd President of the United States and one of his Secretaries of State? Yes. She did. Bill Clinton on one side, Madelaine Albright on the other, and calling for change. That picture tells you all you need to know about Hillary's vision for change.


This one's easy: The Huckster, Fuckabee, Huckabee got his evangelical Christian victory. Big Whoop. He's toast in New Hampshire.

The real winners in Iowa were McCain and Ron Paul. Huckabee might have won, but it's anomolous. Romney proved vulnerable, and will continue to fade. Thompson came in 3rd, but the dude is so obviously unserious and lazy as a candidate, it's only a matter of time before he drops out, so McCain's 4th place finish might as well be 3rd. McCain's finish in Iowa despite his opposition to corn subsidies and his views on immigration (so-called by wingnuts 'amnesty') shows that increasingly the republicans (who are not blinded by their religion) are looking for a candidate who is not Huckabee and not Romney. McCain, while he may not be perfect to the republicans, is at least a known quantity.

In NH Huckabee will do poorly, and Romney and McCain will duke it out for the top spot. McCain won NH in 2000, and his message resonates with indie leaning folks. Even if he doesn't get the top spot, he'll be poised to begin a comeback, and the media loves a comeback kid, especially when it's their buddy, McMaverick. I still predict McCain will be the candidate in the general.

Ron Paul got 10%, ahead of 9iu11ani's 4%. He's headed into NH where he'll likely have solid indie support from the 'live free or die' crowd. AND, we get to watch Fox News squirm and see if they invite him to the NH debate that they'd excluded him from...a debate to which 4% 9iu11ani has already been invited. I don't think Paul will win NH (as one Crinch Pinner privately predicted), but he'll continue to do well, and will increasingly become a factor, especially if this whole mess leads to a brokered convention, where Paul would have the chance to pick the candidate by awarding his delegates to another candidate, and negotiating for a place in the administration. Ron Paul will be more than a "insurgent phenomenon" in this race. He will be very important. And I'll repeat my prediction that 9iu11ani will drop out for "health reasons."

Tuesday in NH is only a few days away!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mrs. Ron Paul Owns George Stephanopolos

You Tube
Lew Rockwell

If your memory serves you well, back in July, Ron Paul was a guest on This Week with George Stephanopolous. During that interview Stephanopolous made the comment to Paul, and rather smugly I might add, that he had no chance of winning. Here's the clip of that exchange.
This was a pivotal moment in the Paul campaign helping to energize his supporters. Well, that comment hasn't been forgotten in the political sphere and Georgie boy knows it. I'm sure he's wishing he never would have opened his mouth like an idiot. But now, thanks to you tube, we have the video of Carol Paul, Congressman Paul's wife, and Dr. Paul himself, giving it to George right to his face. Ahhhhh, payback is a bitch. As a side note, I work in D.C. from time to time in the DuPont Circle neighborhood and on numerous occasions I've seen George Stephanopolous out and about for lunch, and yes....he really is that short.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ron Paul Supporters Selling Off Their News Corp Stock

Google Finance
hat tip: Lew Rockwell
Looks like there is a bit of a "Wall Street Protest" going on today in the stock market.
There is a movement abound for those who are supporters of the Ron Paul campaign to sell off their Fox shares (NewsCorp) due most likely to the overt smearing and exclusion of the candidate from the New Hampshire forums scheduled for sunday. Some of the comments on the Google Finance page for NewsCorp are very telling as to what is happening out there, here's a few:

User # 1: I'm hearing chatter among a few very popular political forums (memberships breaking over 1000 each) and communities that due to FOX's exclusion of Ron Paul (in what they're calling blatant censorship) investers holding NWS have had it and are going to dump shares! This guy's supporters managed to throw over $10 million at the guy over two seperate days. Who knows what this group is capable of! I'm taking my money and running...

User #2: Don't worry here in New York I'm telling all of my clients to dump it.
Check out the options too. Buy as many puts as you can! Time to make money off the mistakes of News corp.

User #3: Yeah, this one is turning out quite predictably. I think it will
reach an early limit, as we run out of punishment sellers, then it will take a short-term pop up on underlying value until the boycott of the advertisers starts to kick in. Then the long-term damage to the bottom-line will start to kick-in. the 2008Q1 revenues should already start to show some damage. By Q2, if the boycott advocates keep the press on, and it continues to grow, spreading from republicans to the democrats and independents who have always hated Fox, I expect some serious value damage, on the order of 20-25%.

What the Fuck? Obama Edition

Obama advertising on Drudge? WTF? Why? What's up with Obama running to the RIGHT of every other Dem Candidate? What's up with him parroting Right-wing talking points about Social Security? What's up with slamming Gore and Kerry? What's up with him dissing Paul Krugman and defending demonstrably insufficient healthcare plan?

And what's up with that meeting with Bloomberg?

Here's The Swan's Prediction: If Obama gets the Democratic Nomination, he's going to take his whole Centrist message to the max and pick Bloomberg (and his billion dollar coffers) for his VP candidate. If Obama can't seal the deal with the Dems, Bloomberg will run Indie and pick Obama for VP. You heard it here first folks.

I had hope for Obama. I really did, but more and more I can't fathom what the fuck he's thinking. If he's progressive in any way, he sure doesn't show it. If he's as enamored of the status quo as he seems to be, then he certainly doesn't deserve a single Democratic vote. I've had my frustrations with Obama in the past, but at this point I'm actively worried about what an Obama presidencey would look like. Since the '94 Contract with America, and especially since the Supremes appointed Bush President in 2000, the 'center' in this country ahs been pushed ridiculously to the right. At this point, being a centrist is tantamount to being a 1992 era Republican, and that era's republican was Bush Sr.

No sir. John Edwards ALL THE WAY.

As TekBoss says in his diary:

Voting for John Edwards does not bring hope for victory. Voting for John Edwards IS the victory.


The Blogs are throbbing with frustration over Obama. 4 of 5 Reccomneded Diaries on MyDD right now all deal with Obama's tack to the right:

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And all of these diaries link to lots of other posts and articles that paint an increasingly worrisome picture of the junior Senator from Illinois.

The Final Countdown

At least you can count on one good thing happening in your future.

Russert Predicts Paul Could Beat Giuliani in Iowa

Raw Story

Republican presidential contender Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) could be poised to beat Rudy Giuliani -- once perceived as a frontrunner for the GOP nomination -- in Thursday's Iowa caucus voting, according to NBC's Tim Russert.

Appearing on MSNBC's Morning Joe program for a discussion about the latest Iowa polling numbers, Russert said Paul could realistically score a fourth place showing in the state.

"Having gone around and watching this thing," said Russert, "to say for example Huckabee wins, Romney is two. McCain comes in third. Thompson is out -- he has already said if he's not two, he's out. I think Ron Paul has a chance of coming in fourth here. I really do."

Assuming former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN) took fifth, Russert added that it appeared likely Giuliani could slip to a lowly sixth place finish.

Conservative pundit and two-time Republican presidential aspirant Pat Buchanan said he believed the former New York mayor was now facing an uphill fight for his party's nomination.

"I think Rudy is toast...I mean, you can't go 0-4, 0-5, and come back and win Florida," said Buchanan of the possibility that Giuliani could fair poorly in the opening contests of the primary season.

Giuliani has not campaigned heavily in Iowa, choosing instead to adopt a national strategy focused on other states, such as Florida, that vote later in the primary process. More than twenty states, including New York and California go to the polls on February 5.

"When you get to Florida and the February 5th states," Giuliani told Fox News, "we're ahead in some cases by large percentages and in some case by closer percentages. We believe it's a good strategy and it's going to work."

The latest poll from Iowa's Des Moines Register tallies Giuliani's support in the state at five percent. Paul and Thompson each notch nine percent.

This video is from MSNBC's Morning Joe, broadcast on January 2, 2008.

Michael Moore endorses John Edwards!

In this rather long-winded, but concise open letter, Moore lays it all out there and comes to some interesting conclusions about why he won't back "The Love of His Life" Hillary Clinton, or our country's newest political superstar, Barack Obama. He then explains why John Edwards is the best candidate to lead the Progressive Left, and finally the United States of America.

Who Do We Vote For This Time Around? A Letter from Michael Moore