Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Disgusting MSNBC Republican Debates

This was actually painful to watch. The whole debate was so obviously biased towards Romney, McCain, to to an extent Rudy. It took these fuckups 20 minutes until they asked Ron Paul a question, and there's only five candidates. Look at the breakdown below of how much time each candidate got to speak according to NBC's Laura Appelbaum:

Total Times
Romney: 21:11, during 13 times
McCain: 16:00, during 13 times
Giuliani: 13:50, during 11 times
Huckabee: 12:11, during nine times
Paul: 6:31, during six times

There's obviously a media blackout on Ron Paul, not that it really surprises me. But hopefully people can see through all the bullshit that the MSM has blinded us with and at least try to hear what he's trying to say.

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