Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Is Blackwater training the Chicago Police?

According to rense.com and the Wayne Madsen Report, Blackwater has been involved in training many of our cities police departments, or at least some members of the departments. I tell ya it wouldn't surprise me. The police state seems ever more present in the city nowadays, especially at marches and protests in the loop. I'm waiting for the lockdown on the Farmers Market in Federal Plaza any day now.

Here is an interesting excerpt from the piece:

A number of the police departments that have been trained by Blackwater have abysmal civil rights and police brutality records, most notably the Chicago Police and Illinois State Police, both cited by former Illinois Governor George Ryan as being guilty of police misconduct in his decision to commute the death sentences of Illinois' death row inmates. It was a decision that likely had much to do with his indictment by the Bush administration on corruption charges -- political misuse of the Department of Justice that has been seen in the indictments and investigations of Alabama former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman and HealthSouth former CEO Richard Scrushy, Qwest's former CEO Joseph Nacchio, Democratic campaign contributor Martha Stewart, Coastal Corporation's former Chairman and Democratic contributor Oscar Wyatt, and Democratic-leaning trial attorneys around the United States, as well as the firings of several U.S. Attorneys who refused to engage in political prosecutions, and a Justice Department workup on North Carolina presidential candidate John Edwards in 2004.

WTF Alert: Obama and Cheney are Distant Cousins?

Well according to Lynn Cheney, the two are eighth cousins.
Why are all of these people related somehow. Ya know, remember GW Bush was a distant cousin to John Kerry? This is just getting spooky.

I almost can't believe it but, hey, Reuters reported on it.

Larry Craig Interview on NBC with Matt Lauer

Not that I really give a shit about this Long Legs Larry Craig "scandal", but I did happen to catch his interview with Matt Lauer tonight on NBC. Wow, he sat there with his wife and just denied basically everything. No big surprise here. However, there were some classic moments during the interview. The YouTube clips will be in full force by tomorrow I'm sure, but the best one of all was when Lauer asked Sen. Craig straight up if maybe he was bisexual? Awesome. What an interview.

I go to bathrooms to use bathrooms" -Sen. Larry Craig

The Historically Difficult First Post

So yeah...here we are in the thick of the 2008 election season, and there's a real lack of political blogs out there. I can't think of a single one.

Enter Crinch Pin.

On the internets there are 4 dedicated Monday Morning Quarterbacks who think they've got the answers, but until now, they've never made their rantings public.

All that is about to change.....