Friday, October 19, 2007

Lawrence Lessig on Corruption

Lawrence Lessig is a rock star. If you don't know his name, I'd wager you're still familiar with some of his work. He's been a major force in the ongoing debate over Copyright in the digital age, and he chairs the Creative Commons project.

Here is a pretty visually flat but intellectually riveting PowerPoint lecture from Lessig on the subject of "Corruption," his latest passion. It's about an hour, but it's well worth it.

Ron Paul Revolution Chicago to be on NBC Nightly News Tonight

So, according to the Ron Paul 2008 Chicago Meetup Group, NBC Nightly News will be airing a segment on the support for Presidential Candidate Dr. Ron Paul featuring many of the groups members. Check it out tonight at 5:30 Central time in the Chicago Market.

nbc nightly news

ron paul 2008

Phil (Not Ted) Nugent on Gore

THIS is an excellent piece.

That's all.

Clarence Thomas: Angry Black Man

I know what you're thinking... I'm in love Jon Swift. I wear his ass as a hat. That may be true, but this is nothing short of genius. I'm sorry Colbert, but you are a Jon Swift wannabe.

Dodd vows to Fillibuster Telecom Immunity

Chris Dodd is not willing to capitulate on this issue.

Where's Hillary on this?
Where's Obama on this?
Where's Biden on this?

For that matter, I must ask if anyone in the Senate who's not running for President will support Dodd in his efforts to protect the constitution. I mean, before you become a Seantor, you have to take an oath to prtoect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, so why is Dodd the only keeping his word?

This bill is shameful, and silence on the issue is tantamount to support of the bill. Hillary? Barack? Joe? You're in the Senate and you're in the position to do something. We're all watching. We're all waiting.

It's a simple formulation, really:

"George Bush and the phone companies broke the law, and you would rather protect them than protect us from terrorists like Osama bin Laden."

Way to go Chris Dodd!

Good Rundown on a Good Week for Edwards

Chuckles1 at DKos has a nice diary on Rec list right now outlining the week in Endorsements for Edwards.

It includes a video of former Georgia Congressman Ben Jones (known to many as Cooter form the Dukes of Hazzard). Word on the street is that Boss Hogg is getting ready to endorse Rude-y Giuliani, which is causing rifts with Roscoe P. Coltrane, because he's leaning towards Grandpa Fred Thompson.

But seriously folks, Edwards had a good week. Seems like the only reason he didn't get the National SEIU endoresement is that the locals in Illinois and New York were playing politics and were too chickenshit to cross their respective Senators. In some ways, it seems like it's playing out nicely for Edwards, though, because everytime a local union endorses him, it's a headline. I'll bethca he's got more SEIU endorsements to come.


Per The Arm's query in the comments, here's Edwards on Trade Policies, including NAFTA:

The trade policies of President Bush have devastated towns and communities all across America. But let's be clear about something - this isn't just his doing. For far too long, presidents from both parties have entered into trade agreements, agreements like NAFTA, promising that they would create millions of new jobs and enrich communities. Instead, too many of these agreements have cost us jobs and devastated many of our towns.

NAFTA was written by insiders in all three countries, and it served their interests - not the interests of regular workers. It included unprecedented rights for corporate investors, but no labor or environmental protections in its core text. And over the past 15 years, we have seen growing income inequality in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Well enough is enough. Americans have paid the price long enough. We need to change our fundamental approach to trade. We need to make American values the foundation of our trade deals, and we need to put workers back at their core.

You can read more here.

Attention Al Gore

Hey Al, did you see THIS on TV last night? That solar chick is HOT!!!

Edwards gets Mass. SEIU Endorsement

This could be big in neighboring New Hampshire.