Friday, October 19, 2007

Dodd vows to Fillibuster Telecom Immunity

Chris Dodd is not willing to capitulate on this issue.

Where's Hillary on this?
Where's Obama on this?
Where's Biden on this?

For that matter, I must ask if anyone in the Senate who's not running for President will support Dodd in his efforts to protect the constitution. I mean, before you become a Seantor, you have to take an oath to prtoect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, so why is Dodd the only keeping his word?

This bill is shameful, and silence on the issue is tantamount to support of the bill. Hillary? Barack? Joe? You're in the Senate and you're in the position to do something. We're all watching. We're all waiting.

It's a simple formulation, really:

"George Bush and the phone companies broke the law, and you would rather protect them than protect us from terrorists like Osama bin Laden."

Way to go Chris Dodd!


The Arm said...

Oh My Dodd!

Way to go Senator, this might actually help your presidential campaign. See how being up front and realistic and for the American people will garnish you lots of support. Now lets filibuster a war funding bill next time.

moneymonk said...

I guess I've underestimated The Dodd. I will pay much closer attention to The Dodd from now on. This may sound prejudicial, but I have never been able to square myself with white-haired guys with black eyebrows. You tracking with me on this?

The Arm said...

Kneel before Dodd!