Friday, October 19, 2007

Ron Paul Revolution Chicago to be on NBC Nightly News Tonight

So, according to the Ron Paul 2008 Chicago Meetup Group, NBC Nightly News will be airing a segment on the support for Presidential Candidate Dr. Ron Paul featuring many of the groups members. Check it out tonight at 5:30 Central time in the Chicago Market.

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The Swan said...

This is exciting to watch. I'm still not on the Ron Paul train (he's right on the war, but wrong on a whole lot more, in my view). But his insurgent campaign is inspiring, and as long as he continues to speak truth to power on the issues of the war, and the ongoing assault on the Constitution, and leave his views on abortion and Church and State to the side, I'm happy to hear him shake up the Republican Debates, and happy to see him bringing more and more attention to his critique of the war, and the trashing of the Constitution. And i love that the Traditional Media is starting to take notice. It was easy to dismiss him early on as the 'whacky vanity candidate' (like Mike Gravel), but as he continues to surge, and is on par with McCain for Q3 fundraising, and has about $5 Million more cahs on hand than the McMaverick, the Traditional Media can't keep pushing the "Craxy coot" narrative. He's striking a chord with an impressive number of active and engaged people. It's exciting.

The Swan said...

I'm watching now and the graphic they showed is a pic of Paul with the caption "Striking a chord." As you'll note, that's the phrase I used in my previous comment. I'm planning to sue.

moneymonk said...

is it in The People's Key?