Thursday, February 21, 2008

Serbian Blowback

Looks like "blowback" is once again the product of another tentacle of U.S. foreign policy, this time it's Kosovo. The LRC blog has a great post on this by Lew Rockwell via James Elliot:

Writes James Elliott: "I just saw the headlines on the Serbian 'storming' of the US Embassy in Belgrade. This was not done to the French Embassy, because the French did not bomb Serbia beginning on their highest holy day, Orthodox Easter, the way the US did under the enlightened 'genocide'-halting foreign policy of the Clinton/Albright administration, and we have the audacity to ask the UN to be incensed for us over this issue now! Blow back strikes again."

Also, I just watched some highlights of the Clin-ton/O'Bomber debates on CNN . Imagine if the moderators would have asked a pertinent question about oh..I don't know...something that is happening right maybe the fact that there are Serbians setting fire to our embassy right now in Belgrade over our Kosovo policy. Ok, Who wants to answer first?

Kucinich to Investigate 9/11 Insider Trading

Dennis the Menace is at it again, and I mean "menace" in a good way. The establishment can't wait to get rid of this guy. Probably why the corporate controlled DNC is making sure he has a primary challenger this year. Anyways, I love this guy. He's all truth and no bullshit. I've seen one YouTube video after another where 9/11 truth activists are hounding Kucinich to look into the discrepancies and lies in the official story. Well, Dennis has delivered again and again, and this time is no exception. The Ohio congressman just recently said that he will initiate an investigation of the pre-9/11 insider trading that has been exposed, dealing primarily with put options placed for both United and American Airlines.
I have a feeling that Dennis may be legitimately concerned about losing his congressional seat, so he is goin for broke. Cynthia McKinney, the former Congresswoman from Georgia has been pretty vocally supportive of those questioning the the official story. She was one of the only members of Congress who really took some of the administration and military officials to task by asking the important, and for those being questioned, uncomfortable questions about the government's response on that day. We all know what happened to her during the election of 2004. Let's hope Dennis doesn't get "McKinneyed". These are a few excerpts from Kucinich on this topic while being interviewed again on the Alex Jones Show.

"I've indicated a long-standing interest in gathering information and trying to get to the bottom of exactly what happened with respect to all the stock activity that took place preceding 9/11."

"From my own personal standpoint, I've had long-standing questions about why this volume, why those airlines, why that time, who made the buys, why did they buy them, who told them to make the buys, who was involved? There are questions there that need to be answered as part of an effort to get to the truth,"

"I think we need to talk to the people who were involved in making those transactions in order to try to figure out why they were made, for example, American Airlines and United Airlines stock."

Here's Kucinich discussing more details about how and when this will be brought into hearings.

Teevee Terror

Damn! Greenwald is ON FIRE today.

Check out the shit the GOP is trying to pull over on all the impressionable sheeple out there:

Were it not so serious, this would be laughable. Unfortunately, dear reader, a lot of God and country loving Americans out there will take a look at this and say "Them turrorists are tryin' to take away ma 'Merican Gladiaters and neckid Lindsay Lohan pitchers?" and that will be it. No one will be able to convince them that they are victims of a cleverly targeted media terror campaign against their Constitutional rights.

Hey... can you get those Lindsay Lohan pics in the womb?

9/11 Changed Everything

John Swift wishes the NYT would get over it's pre-9/11 thinking. Everyone knows 9/11 changed everything...

Conservatives are soooo lucky to have this guy on their side.

Crinch Pin Music Club: The Who

As The Arm said when I played this for him: "Holy fuck!"
And he's not easy to impress.
I was never that into The Who until I saw them totally destroy EVERYONE at The Rolling Stones' Rock n' Roll Circus. This live clip of "Won't Get Fooled Again" is 10 minutes long, but not a second is wasted, so pour a green martini and watch the whole thing. It is simply amazing.

Meet the new boss, motherfuckers.