Thursday, February 21, 2008

Serbian Blowback

Looks like "blowback" is once again the product of another tentacle of U.S. foreign policy, this time it's Kosovo. The LRC blog has a great post on this by Lew Rockwell via James Elliot:

Writes James Elliott: "I just saw the headlines on the Serbian 'storming' of the US Embassy in Belgrade. This was not done to the French Embassy, because the French did not bomb Serbia beginning on their highest holy day, Orthodox Easter, the way the US did under the enlightened 'genocide'-halting foreign policy of the Clinton/Albright administration, and we have the audacity to ask the UN to be incensed for us over this issue now! Blow back strikes again."

Also, I just watched some highlights of the Clin-ton/O'Bomber debates on CNN . Imagine if the moderators would have asked a pertinent question about oh..I don't know...something that is happening right maybe the fact that there are Serbians setting fire to our embassy right now in Belgrade over our Kosovo policy. Ok, Who wants to answer first?

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