Tuesday, January 15, 2008

November Prediction

Before things get too settled, I want to go out on a limb and pull a prediction from my well-lubed asshole.

Behold the Candidates for the 2008 General Election

Hillary Clinton / Wes Clark


John McCain / Joe Lieberman


Michael Bloomberg / Barack Obama

And I suppose there's the outside chance that we'll have Ron Paul running as well, but I don't know who he might pick for VP.

I'm now re-inserting this fist sized crystal ball back into my ass.



The Arm said...

as far as ron paul, if he was to run as an indy. I'd have to guess he'd pick Barry Goldwater Jr.

interesting picks.

I like the bloomberg/obama theory.

interesting......not far fetched I might add. Look at how crazy this shit is now and we haven't even reached super tuesday.

The Swan said...

That's "Tsunami Tuesday" bub.