Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mrs. Ron Paul Owns George Stephanopolos

You Tube
Lew Rockwell

If your memory serves you well, back in July, Ron Paul was a guest on This Week with George Stephanopolous. During that interview Stephanopolous made the comment to Paul, and rather smugly I might add, that he had no chance of winning. Here's the clip of that exchange.
This was a pivotal moment in the Paul campaign helping to energize his supporters. Well, that comment hasn't been forgotten in the political sphere and Georgie boy knows it. I'm sure he's wishing he never would have opened his mouth like an idiot. But now, thanks to you tube, we have the video of Carol Paul, Congressman Paul's wife, and Dr. Paul himself, giving it to George right to his face. Ahhhhh, payback is a bitch. As a side note, I work in D.C. from time to time in the DuPont Circle neighborhood and on numerous occasions I've seen George Stephanopolous out and about for lunch, and yes....he really is that short.

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