Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nevada Caucus Votes Are In: Clinton, Romney Win and Ron Paul Takes Second Place

CNN has the results.

Shhhh, the mainstream media is trying to be quiet about Ron Paul's second place finish.
Wouldn't want anyone to know about that would we?

Also, Edwards pulls in a horrible 4%.

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The Swan said...

Edwards had better support that 4%, but caucus rules meant that if he was not "viable" at your caucus site, you had to pick another candidate. Edwards support wasn't a big as it should have been, given that he is the most labor friendly of the candidates, but the culinary union endorsed Obama because the media had told them that it was a 2 person race, and John Edwards was not a "real candidate."

Also interesting to see that it looks as though Obama lost the popular vote to Clinotn, but won more delgates because of how rural ares are represented (he did better in rural areas, which is in iteself surprising, given that he had the culinary union endorsement and Clinton surrogates went to court to outlaw the "At Large" caucus sites in urban areas (which in the end were ruled to be legal).

It's a fucking shame, though, that any Democrat would actually go to court to make voting more difficult for people. That's what Republicans do.