Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa's Independents Went For Obama and Paul

So it looks like the independent voters in Iowa picked Obama on the Democrat side and Ron Paul on the Republican side.
This is pretty big news for Ron Paul. Seeing as how New Hampshire is loaded with Independents, this can only be seen as a good sign for his prospects in the primary state. Its pretty telling what the Republican party has become in the eyes of most Americans when alot of conservative leaning independents are either switching over to the Democratic party to vote for Obama or going with the insurgent campaign of Ron Paul. Either way it looks like the GOP needs a long hard look in the mirror. Andrew Sullivan sums this up well in this blurb in The Atlantic:
They went for Obama and ... Ron Paul respectively. Among independents, Clinton came a poor third: 17 percent to Obama's 41. And McCain lost out to Paul: 23 percent to 29. The men with the most support among independents - the people you need to win a general election - are the most despised by the Republican base. In they end, the Republicans poisoned themselves. Maybe they'll begin to recognize how far they've fallen.

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