Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Disgusting CNN Republican Debates in California

Okay. So you might remember my recent post titled "The Disgusting MSNBC Republican Debates". Well, tonight was CNN's turn to look like a completely fucking biased network. They held their Republican debates tonight at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley. Anyways, as you would expect Ron Paul sat there most of the time while McMurder and Shit Romney battled about who was more insane. This thing was almost unbearable to watch. At one point, Ron Paul finally got to answer a question, and about 2 sentences in, Paul was cut off rather forcefully by Anderson "I'm just Ex-CIA that's cool right" Cooper. Cooper than assured Paul that he would get a chance to answer those topics in about "2 minutes". Guess what, I watched the rest of the thing and hmmm, Cooper never got back to that one. Nice try CNN. This was so blatantly obvious that you were 1) Blacking out Ron Paul and 2) Trying to re-create the ratings sensation that was the Clinton/Obama feud that we couldn't stop seeing in the media just a week or so ago. So fucking transparent.
Here's a little sunshine on an otherwise depressing and war mongering Dictator festival that was these debates: This is Ron Paul immediately after the long winded "he said/she said" that Mitt and McCain took 10 minutes to debate.

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