Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CNN Calls Florida for McCain, and Clinton Celebrates Zero Delegates

It looks as though McMaverick has pulled one out in Florida. Terrific! The fact that his campaign is still underfunded and in debt, not to mention the fact that a big chucnk of conservative America doesn't trust him, means that we're likely to see a lot of folks close ranks around Romney's well-funded campaign on Super Tuesday...one more step towards a brokered convention.

Also, it looks as though 9iu11ani is angling for the job of Attorney General in a McCain administrations, because word on the street is he;ll be dropping out by wednesday and endorsing McMaverick. Seeing as a McMaverick / Giuliani ticket would be the kiss of death for a republican party built on a fracturing base of values voters and movement conservatives, I can't imagine McMav would be dumb enough to pick 9iu11ani as VP, and that leaves AG.

Heckuva campaign, Rudy! Heckuva campaign.

Also, it looks as though Hillary Clinton is celebrating her win in Florida....a win that nets her exactly zero (0) delegates, which is also, coincidentally, the number of Florida delegates won by Barack Obama and John Edwards.

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