Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Hampshire District Admits Ron Paul Votes Not Counted

Here we fucking go again!

From Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet:

The head clerk of the New Hampshire town of Sutton has been forced to admit that Ron Paul received 31 votes yet when the final amount was transferred to a summary sheet and sent out to the media, the total was listed as zero. The fiasco throws the entire primary into doubt and could lead to a re-count.

As we reported earlier today, an entire family voted for Ron Paul in Sutton, yet when the voting map on the Politico website was posted, the total votes for Ron Paul were zero.

Vote fraud expert Bev Harris contacted the head clerk in Sutton, Jennifer Call, who was forced to admit that the 31 votes Ron Paul received were completely omitted from the final report sheet, claiming "human error" was responsible for the mistake.

Two or three votes not counted could be a plausible mistake - but 31 votes for one candidate?

I'm sure this is going to make other voter district workers come forward with similar debacles. We'll just have to wait and see. Really makes you wonder even more about that Clinton victory too.


The Swan said...

Ok, so now Ron Paul has an additional 31 votes. That brings his grand total to 18,307, which is still an 8% finish to Giuliani's 20,387 votes (9%).

The Swan said...

Scratch that.

According to the article, the 31 votes were only missing from the summary sheet sent out to the media. It doesn't suggest anything about the actual votes tallies.

Maybe Ron Paul only got 18,276 votes after all.

The Arm said...

Oh Swan.
With the almost decade straight coverage of voter fraud in this country why in the hell would you dismiss this? And what makes you think this is not more widespread?
Furthermore, maybe this lights up some red flags about the "amazing comeback" of Hillary Clinton. Its only the next day and we ALREADY have CONFIRMED reports of votes not being counted.
Maybe you should sell off your Diebold shares and then re-comment.

You know I love you.


The Arm said...

Wait maybe you're right.
I just tried to write the number '31' down on a piece of paper a few times and it kept coming out '0'.


The Swan said...

I love you, too Arm, my point is just that the article you posted says nothing about the votes being counted improperly. The NH Sec of State hasn't released those numbers yet, so there are not in fact any confirmations of votes not being counted.

The article you posted states clearly that those 31 votes didn't make it on a media info sheet, and there's nothing about what was reported to the Sec of State for certification. The tone of the article and its aim, however, is clearly to suggest more sinister electoral fraud.

But we're talking about a press release, not certified votes. Hence my less than enthusiastic acceptance of the article's premise.

At least according to this breakdown on msnbc, they clarified the error. Ron Paul now has 31 votes in Sutton.

Walter Sobchek said...

If you mark it 31, you are entering a world of pain. MARK IT ZERO!