Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Republicans Will Always Have Hillary

I hate to be a Dowd-ing Thomas, but a Hillary Clinton nomination may be the only thing that could sweep the GOP into the White House for another term in November. Hey, don't look at me! Even Republicans say so...


The Swan said...

Yup. And I still the my analysis on Hillary's NH is win is right on:

"IN an open primary, Republicans were so disenchanted with their candidates they realized that the only way they can win in November is if the Democratic candidate is the polarizing and widely reviled Hillary Clinton. They chose to vote FOR Clinton instead of tussling in a futile republican primmary (as I've written before: We're going to have a brokered Republican one will win the nomination outright)."

For insightful analysis without the foul stench of self-congratulaion, no one beats my humble prognostications, which are always provocative and usally right.

The Swan said...

My analysis is so good you can vaporize it and get totally stoned.