Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fred Thompson Drops Out Of The Race

Looks like Snoozy Thompson is finally out of the race. Just in time too. Now he can get back to lounging around in his pj's and watching reruns of himself on tv.
At this rate we should be getting rid of Guiliani soon, leaving only four: McCain, Romney, Huckabee, and Ron Paul. Looks like the Ron Paul revolution is harder to stop than the main stream media had hoped.

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The Swan said...

It's true that more than any other candidate in the republican field, Ron Paul has a significant NATIONAL constituency that keeps turning out for him.

9iu11ani may win Florida and be back in this thing (and as I've said, I hope he does...nothing would please me more than the republican primary process further showing the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the Republican Party as a whole.

The problem for Paul, though, is with the "Winner Take All" states like Florida. He's been collecting delegates from his finishes so far, but in Florida, the winner takes all the delegates. I'm not sure how many other states have winner take all primaries, but such a system seems contrived to diminsih the influence of candidates like Ron Paul, who's core contituency will be essentially disenfranchiesed by winner-take-all states, unless Paul finishes first, which I think is unlikely.