Friday, November 2, 2007

Greenwald and The Case of the Angry Colonel

This is some crazy shit:

Salon's Glen Greenwald has a little email tiff with Col. Steven Boylan, Gen. David Petraeus' PR mouthpiece, in response to Greenwald's notion that there is a link between right-wing political blogs and the military. Oh, man. Boylan hits the roof in what appears to be the military equivalent of a drunk-dial.

Of course, Swift's response, Steven Boylan is Not a Moron, is classic.

**** UPDATE****

Salon posted a front-page piece coalescing all the absurdity above. I'm surprised C&L and DKos haven't jumped on this yet... Anyhow, I'd read this first and then Swift's piece above, because it is a lot of text to wade through for a busy person like you...

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