Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just Watched Ron Paul on The Tonight Show...

Ok so that was pretty surreal. I just watched The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to see him interview Ron Paul. First of all, when Jay announced during his monologue that Ron Paul was there, the crowd completely erupted. That was pretty cool. Anyways, the guests on the show were Tom Cruise, Ron Paul, and the fucking Sex Pistols. Ok, so I'll let you choke down that wtf sandwich for a second.....Now, Ron Paul was pretty good, he stuck to his message and seemed to really take the interest of Jay. And to Leno's credit, he asked some pretty specific questions about income tax so Paul could clarify, and I think Paul did a fairly good job. Anyway, the best/most fucked up part was watching the end of the show after the Sex Pistols played "Anarchy in the UK". There it was. Right on my television. Ron Paul shaking hands with Johnny Rotten. I think its safe to say that the tide is turning. I mean...What the fuck was that?

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moneymonk said...

Wow. Jay asks good questions and doesn't even tell one joke during the interview? Look out Russert!

anyhow, my initial reactions are these:

a) Sly and the Family Stone's "Everyday People"?
b) love the ill-fitting off-the-rack suit. it is very "everyman" (see letter a) )
c) he was very good. He has the persona going for him that most candidates kill for: outward integrity and honesty. And though I don't totally agree that the global poor would benefit from extreme free-marketeering, I don't want to puke like I do when I hear Rudy or Oven Mitt say, well... ANYTHING. You go, Ron!