Tuesday, December 18, 2007

John Edwards on Cover of Latest Newsweek: The Sleeper?

Well. Is he the sleeper candidate? Is he?
Damn right he is.
This is for a few of my fellow Crinchers here who are all up on the J-Eds tip. Well guys, here you go. I'm posting about John Edwards. I must admit though, and I've had this discussion within the circle of Crinch Pin bloggers, that there is something to this John Edwards thing lately. I have been noticing how little attention he has been getting and commenting on how this mudslinging between Obama and Hitlery has really been quietly working to Edwards' advantage. He seems to have taken on a new tone lately: a little more angry, and little more ballsy, and a lot less bullshit. Maybe he has been taken off of the establishment's list of "potential puppets" and is finally fighting back against those on the insider track. We know that at one point John Edwards was a darling for the establishment, being essentially chosen as the VP candidate by the Bilderberg Group at their 2004 meeting.
So it's still too early to tell what's really might be going on behind closed doors, but from a glance, it looks like Edwards is NOT being pushed by the machine any longer, and just maybe he's starting to fight back. Hey, he's not known for making great initial decisions (see Iraq War vote) but we can all agree that he has taken a knack for owning up to his mistakes later (see mistaken Iraq War vote admission).

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The Swan said...

Pretty amazing (and hliarious) that both Hillary and Obama have been using the same attack against him: He's a fighter!

Don't they get it?

As Atrios puts it:

Obama: The system sucks, but I'm so awesome that it'll melt away before me.

Edwards: The system sucks, and we're gonna have to fight like hell to destroy it.

Clinton: The system sucks, and I know how to work within it more than anyone.

Presidential Electionas are Always about Change (especially after a 2 term prez). I find it a funny that both Hillary and Obama are advancing essentially anti-change messages.

Hillary wants us all to return to the 90s instead of move into the 21st Century, and Obama seems to be arguing that the only thing wrong with the status quo is that people don't know how to compromise.

Here's a great quote from Barack Obama's Campaign Manager, David Axelrod:

"Washington is run by the special interests today ... John Edwards ran headlong into it when he led the fight for the patients bill of rights against the insurance industry in the Senate. He has never taken a dime from lobbyists or PACs. He said, let's ban lobbyist money, so you can't give people a bill to pass in the day and a check at night. And that's how we're going to start changing the culture in Washington. But you have to be able to do that. That's a fundamental difference between these candidates. Senator (John) Kerry accepts that lobbyist money. And we're trying to change that."

I guess Axelrod forgot about his enthusiasm for Edwards work in the Senate when he said, more recently:

"I can't think of one thing like that, that Senator Edwards did in the Senate."