Thursday, December 20, 2007

Terrific Diary on the Dem field

I just saw this diary on the recommended list on Daily Kos, and after reading it I feel pretty humbled as a would-be blogger / diarist. This is the kind of personal reflection and honest, substantive discussion that is blogging at its best.

Among many highlights is this passage (emphasis mine):

But Hillary is not my first choice. Yes, she is competent and hardworking and tough. What turns me off most about Hillary is that whenever I hear her speak she is almost always speaking about herself, not about her vision for us. I hear her repeat: "I am the most experienced." "I am the most competent." "I have been tested and survived Republican attacks." "I am the one ready to lead from day one." It's a given that all politicians have to have strong egos and are in some fashion ego-driven, but I get the feeling that Hillary's campaign is mostly about her, and not enough about us. That turns me off. I want to know what her vision is for America, other than an America headed by the first woman prsident. What is she passionate about, besides being President? What course will she chart, and how will it be different from what has been done before?

Kudos to hummingbird4015

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moneymonk said...

From a different angle, yesterday I read Why Your Blog Sucks. Humbled, indeed.