Friday, February 15, 2008

Crinch Pin Flashback 1983: Rep Larry McDonald (D-GA) Warns Of Plans For World Government

Congressman Larry McDonald was a Democratic Congressman from Georgia. He is a completely interesting story on his own. He was elected to Congress as a Democrat and at some point realized what was really happening with our policies by looking into the "behind the curtain" elite. He eventually joined the often controversial John Birch Society and stuck with his goal of stopping this covert world government plan. McDonald has a mysterious aura around his sudden death in 1983, in which his Korean Air Flight 007 was shot down by Soviet jet interceptors. Among the interesting facts surrounding this case is the fact that several other U.S. Senators and Congressmen were scheduled on that flight, but miraculously had their accommodations changed at the last minute. Here's Congressman McDonald on an episode of Crossfire with Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden four months before his death in 1983. This is the google video description:

Around May of 1983, approximately 4 months before being shot down in KAL007, Congressman Larry McDonald takes on Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden on Crossfire as they badger him about his new role as Chairman of the John Birch Society. He easily handles them and answers questions concerning the Elite's Conspiracy for a One World Government.

Also, if you're having problems connecting this segment to our current situation, just substitute the word "Socialism" with "Neo-Conservatism" and also substitute "communism" with "terrorism". Then it will all make a whole lot more sense.

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haven't you ever seen Star Wars? World government is cool.