Friday, February 1, 2008

Proof! Hillary Clinton is a NEO-CON: Ann Coulter Endorses Hillary Over McCain

Really makes you wonder about the two party system eh? Is Coulter working for Hillary Clinton? You know the NeoCons would be able to pick up right where they left off and continue America's ride on this Fascist roller coaster if another Clinton is elected.


moneymonk said...

really? no way. REALLY? she (or whoever she's shilling for) has got to know that Coulter backing Hillary will drive liberals to Obama. I think the GOP has a much better chance of beating Hillary than Obama, UNLESS they think the mostly unscathed Obama wont fair as well under the scrutiny of a general election as the battle-torn Clinton. what's your theory, Swan?

The Swan said...

This isn't about Hillary or Obama, it's about McCain and Romney. She's trying to drive republicans to Romney. And what better way to make your point and scare your Fox crowd than to say that Hillary is better than McCain...because if it's true, and if Ann Coulter's going to support Hillary over McCain, they think to themselves, we've got to stop McCain and elect the dewd who wants to double ti size of Gitmo.

The Swan said...

here's a little support for my theory: