Thursday, June 26, 2008

Al Sharpton Totally "Outs" Anderson Cooper On Cnn

Okay, no big surprise here. I don't mean to get all "TMZ" on you here but who cares what Anderson Cooper does in his own privacy? I don't. He's supposed to recite unimportant and distracting news stories.

But its National Irony Day. Hooray! Did you buy your ham yet? Good...cause this one's as good as having an extra bowl of potato salad in the fridge.

Al Sharpton, who is supposed to be the champion of anti-discrimination and civil rights, decides its time to bash Anderson Cooper for being gay. Well, he never actually said it, but, come the clip and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Ah...... Got to love the religious nutjobs on both sides of the political spectrum. The irony is truly breathtaking these days. I love how Sharpton can get away with comments like that to someone on a supposed "news" channel. How is that fucking reporting the "news"? Telling them their going to hell? What the fuck is that shit. The discourse in this country has been hijacked by retards. Oh wait I forgot...right...National Irony Day.

Fuck it, let's have some cake.

And enjoy the clip of Sharpton, Tony Perkins (9 time recipient of the Christo-Facsist Endowment award), and everybody's favorite agreeable last minute fill in, Roland Martin:


reunionpi said...

Anderson Cooper and the $11,926.82 New York State Tax Warrant

Dyre42 said...

You've been tagged!

الايفون said...

thats a new scandal