Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wallet Forgotton, Romney Borrows Cash for Steamer

Romney borrows money for his Cleveland Steamer

No. This is NOT an Onion Exclusive. Romney is a total douche. If you notice, he borrows money twice. once for the steamer and once for the wishing well.

Wed Oct 17, 6:08 PM ET

DEWITT, Iowa - Campaign aide, can you spare a five? Republican Mitt Romney, the wealthiest presidential candidate with assets of between $190 million and $250 million, had to borrow cash from an aide Wednesday to pay for beverages at the Crossroads Coffee.

Romney ordered a vanilla steamer and offered to buy a cup for his host, DeWitt Mayor Don Thiltgen.

The former Massachusetts governor borrowed $5 from an aide, explaining that he didn't have his wallet.

"I only got three (dollars) in my pocket," he told the mayor.

Thiltgen declined the drink, saying he couldn't accept a gift valued at more than $2.99 — a steamer goes for $3.

Later, Romney visited Necker's jewelers, where he asked the owner about a brown obelisk-shaped fountain. They told him it was a wishing well, prompting someone in the crowd to hand him a penny.

"What do we wish for? I just hope I carry Clinton," Romney said, referring to the county he was in.

He then tossed the penny into the fountain.


The Swan said...

A Cleveland Steamer?

bikes said...

Cleveland, vanilla, whatever.